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Legible Labs is a software consultancy. We're currently focused on applications of AI and LLMs in education; we also have experience with ml ops, data engineering, and analytics across politics, finance, and healthcare.

Recent projects and collaborations


Squidgies is an AI-native language learning application that helps intermediate learners improve their writing and speaking with personalized, AI-powered practice.


Rori is a chatbot tutor designed for middle school math students in low-resource settings. Rori was selected as a winner of the Schmidt Futures Tools Competition, and is a participating team in the Learning Engineering Virtual Institute.


legible was a cross-platform mobile Twitter client that helped intermediate learners grow their vocabulary in a language while immersing in fresh, engaging social media content. legible explored the space between media recommendation and spaced repetition algorithms.

Refold Languages

Refold is a community organized around a roadmap for language acquisition via media immersion and comprehensible input. We used natural language processing and frequency statistics to build spaced repetition cards for beginner learners across multiple languages.